Spirits for the Good People of the Eastern Shore and Beyond.

Established 2017

locally sourced, handcrafted grain to glass spirits

We are Springhill Distillery located in Hebron Maryland. We handcraft delicious spirits from scratch, using locally-sourced ingredients from the Eastern Shore. Our goal is to distill American made spirits that you will enjoy time and time again.

Brian and Hollie standing on future location of distillery
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Wicomico County's First Distillery

We began the journey of learning this industry, the hurdles and triumphs of establishing a business, learning that it was illegal to make liquor at home in Maryland, and that even when we would obtain a license, it was still illegal in Wicomico County. In February 2019, that was changed when the county granted us permission to build and operate a distillery! Since then, there have been a few more challenges and we've waded through it because we know we make a great product and want to share it with you.

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We embrace our customers and respect their input on what spirits you would like us to distill.

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