While we enjoyed brewing our own beer, we began to explore distilling our own spirits. While doing so, we realized our property would be a great setting for a grain to glass, craft distillery. Sitting just off Route 50 outside of Salisbury, MD, surrounded by grain fields and produce stands, our vision was set. We started working with the county government to determine a way to make this vision a reality. With time and determination, we navigated our way forward and forged partnerships with local farmers and members of the community.

We are proud to be making a distinct product for the hard-working people of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and beyond. Distilling is a sustainable and community boosting process. Our grains are locally sourced from local farms and spent ingredients are provided to feed local livestock. Our success enhances our local and state economies and allows the building of partnerships with local non-profits to further give back to the community and provide support for local causes.

We are dedicated to making a great product and building an attraction in the county that adds value to the region while serving our neighbors. We have endured since 2017 and look forward to the many years ahead.

There is a strong history dating back to the 1700's in our area of Spring Hill, or Springhill, just outside of the Town of Hebron, MD. We immensely enjoy being a part of this community and we must note here for our customers and future customers that we are not affiliated with any other entity that has Springhill or Spring Hill in its name. We believe that innovation, agriculture, handcrafted goods, and new business are part of the heart of this area. We join our neighboring businesses in helping to continue the tradition of sustainable growth in our area of Wicomico County.

About Us

Hollie and Brian are the founders of Springhill Distillery. Hollie is a registered nurse and entrepreneur. Brian is a meteorologist and holds a certificate from Moonshine University. They are proud members of the Maryland Distiller's Guild and enjoy working with Horizon Farm Credit.

The Distillery

Architect rendering of our distillery

Rendering by Fisher Architecture 2018

Springhill Distillery is the first spirits distillery in Wicomico County, located in Hebron, Maryland. Founded in 2017, the distillery is still under construction while perfecting our signature line of pure Corn Whiskey sometimes referred to as Moonshine. The Springhill Distillery will be built in two phases: Operations first and Tasting Room later. Things aren't easy for outlaws.

You can buy over processed whiskey with chemical additives and preservatives or you can buy local. We promise you will always be able to pronounce every ingredient on our label. The spent grain mash from our distillery is actually used to feed local livestock. Springhill Distillery Corn Whiskey is hand-crafted grain to glass. Think of farm to table: only in a bottle.


Building permit approval for the distillery.

Distillery to be constructed by Diamond State Pole Buildings.

Opening for operations.

Tasting room will be added and open for drinks!

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We embrace our customers and respect their input on what spirits you would like us to distill.

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